CCE RFP for Lead Agency Designation

Community Care for the Elderly Program Request for Proposal (RFP) for Lead Agency Designation

November 1, 2017


EO CCE RFP 2018-2024

1.Appendix I Sample Standard Contracts

2.Appendix II Notice of Intent

3.Appendix III Contract Terms and Cond Affidavit

4.Appendix IV Statement of No Involvement

5.Appendix V SGR SPA Instructions

6a1.Appendix VIa SGR SPA Formats

6a2.Appendix VIa Unit Cost Methodology Instructions

6a3.Appendix VIa 2018-2019 Unit Cost Methodology

6b.Appendix VIb Organizational Capability Package

7.Appendix VII Administrative Assessment Cklist

8.Appendix VIII Fatal Criteria

9.Appendix IX Sample Proposal Evaluation Instrument

10.Appendix X Appeal Procedures

11.Appendix XI Bidder Checklist

12.Appendix XII Allocations and Expenditures

13.Appendix XIII Services and Unit Rates

14.Appendix XIV Statement No CCE Funding Used

15.Appendix XV 701B Comprehensive Assessment Form

16.Appendix XVI APS Operations Manual Feb 2015